Tried-And-True Tips to Help Your Children Sleep at Night

If you are a parent, chances are that you are well aware of the struggle of getting your little ones into bed on time. Unlike us grownups who would actually kill for some more sleep, kids hate going to bed. To them, it’s the end of all things fun, like ruining the newly wallpapered bedroom with pen scribbles, playing catch with your grandmother’s antique flower vase or dipping your Smartphone in the flush because “daddy, it gets thirsty too”. Be it 2 year olds or 10 year olds, getting them to sleep on time is an uphill battle.

Newborns and toddlers need around 16 to 20 hours of sleep per day. Children require an average of 9-12 hours of sleep per day. Children who do not get the required amount of sleep tend to be more problematic than those who do. Their emotions get out of control; they get easily irritable, irrational and hyper. They may also suffer from behavioral problems, focus issues or weight problems. As a parent, it is very important that you make sure your child gets the amount of sleep his/her body requires. The more important sleep is for the development of infants, toddlers and school going kids, the more unappreciated it is by them.

Learning what your child is feeling at bedtime and how you can resolve it is the key to getting them in bed and snoozing. Every parent has to struggle with opposition from their kids at bedtime. Let’s start by breaking down every parent’s struggle into phases.

Phase 1: Pooper and Tooters (0-1 Years)


This is the most difficult phase for a parent as the baby keeps waking up every few hours. Infants need to sleep 4 to 5 hours since they have small stomachs and cannot hold food in for very long. Once they get it out, they get hungry again! This can be quite disturbing for the parents too during the night since that is the time we fill up on our sleep. Here are a few tips you can use to get your crying poop machine back to sleep.

⦁ Get your spouse to take turns with you to feed the baby during the night. The baby will get up after every few hours, so one of should be ready to feed him/her. Once fed, chances are that the baby will go back to sleep.
⦁ Babies cannot differentiate between day and night. And after being fed, they are ready for some playtime. If the baby wakes up during the night and does not go back to sleep after being fed, try not to engage playfully with him/her. Keep the lights turned off and be as quiet and subdued as you can.
⦁ If your baby refuses to sleep, check the obvious details like are the baby’s clothes comfortable? Does he/she need a diaper change? Is the environment around the baby sleep inducing? Just like adults, babies also need a sleep inducing environment to sleep.
⦁ Make sure the baby is not over stimulated before bedtime. Playing peek-a-boo and piggyback rides are not a good idea before the baby’s bedtime.

Phase 2: Monsters and Bedtime Stories (1-6 Years)

download (1)

This is the stage where you have to focus on setting a consistent bedtime routine for your growing child. At this age, a child needs to sleep around 11 – 12 hours per day.

⦁ Start by incorporating bedtime activities before putting your child to sleep. Set a routine of having the child brush their teeth and change into their jammies. Grab a book and cuddle up with them in bed and read them a story.
⦁ Keep the lights low and have them follow the bedtime routine at least an hour or thirty minutes before they get in bed.
⦁ Don’t let your child watch TV or go anywhere near digital screens or anything that gets them excited before bedtime.
⦁ The most important thing is to stay consistent with the bedtime routine even if your child does not sleep on time. This will enable their body to automatically detect bed time and start inducing sleep when the brain associates the bedtime routine with sleep.
⦁ If your child is wetting the bed or suffering from fear, be supportive and take action. For example, if the child complains of a monster in their room, you can help calm them down by spraying the room with ‘monster killer spray’.

Phase 3: Homework and Video Games! (7-12 years)

At this stage, your child has already gotten used to sleep. Kids this age require an average of 9 hours of sleep. The difficult part now is staying consistent with the bedtime routine. A proper sleep routine is very important for the child because the child needs to focus in school and that is not possible if he/she is sleep deprived.

⦁ Stick to the child’s bedtime routine and focus on bedtime hygiene as well. Kids this age have a tendency to nag when it’s sleep time (“Ten more minutes please mommyyy?”). Don’t fall for it and make them go to bed on time.
⦁ Do not allow activities that can cause the kids to be hyper before bedtime. These include video games, TV, iPads, phones etc. The bedroom environment has to be calm, dark and sleep inducing.
⦁ Do not allow the kids to stay up past their bedtime even on the weekends since it disturbs the body’s biological clock.

Despite the years of sleepless nights annoyed parents spend being woken up in the dead of the night by their children, they are always sad to see them go away to college or move out when they grow older. Hopefully these tips will help you and your children get some sleep and some amazing memories to look back upon down the lane.

About the Author
EugeneEugene Gabriel is a passionate blogger. He has always been fascinated by sleep and how it relates to health and wellness. Read his post on How Sleep Changes with Age. You can follow him on twitter @eugenegabrielj.

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Get Healthy in 2017! Best Mobile Apps to Improve Your Sleep

Best Mobile Applications to Improve your Sleep



As 2016 draws closer to its end, the fact that there’s an app for everything nowadays rings truer than ever. However, as a quick glance through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store will confirm, the focus is definitely on quantity rather than quality. There IS an app for everything now. There is an app that allows you to zip and unzip a zipper and that’s about all it does. There are even apps that (falsely) claim to charge your phone using solar power or help cure baldness with “special” frequencies.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Amidst all the noise, genuinely useful apps exist that can help you sleep. Today, we are going to go ahead and curate a list of apps that help you get to sleep faster and sleep better. From apps that play a variety of relaxing, atmospheric sounds to lull you to sleep, to apps that are smart enough to actively track your sleep patterns and maintain a log for you. From apps that use binaural beats to help you snooze, to apps that wake you up gradually over time instead of abruptly.

Let’s get started!

Best entry-level app

If you only have trouble sleeping sometimes but at other times you snooze just fine. Here is our top contender for someone who wants a no frills app to help him or her sleep.




Relax Melodies



This is a neat little app that gives you the option to drown out noise and distractions in your surroundings and helps you relax and focus on sleeping. It has a lot of high quality ambient sounds and binaural frequency audio to help you gently nod off to slumber. The best part is that you can create your own sounds by mixing up to 12 of the high quality sounds together. Play around with it a bit to see what suits you best. It also lets you save and store your mixes and has a neat timer feature that turns it off after the preset time period.

You can find it on Android or iOS.


For the mildly curious

If you want to have a veritable sleep assistant by your side, you can try out Sleep Cycle.


Sleep Cycle


Sleep cycle is one of the best sleeping assistant apps out there. It is an excellent all rounder sleeping aid app, that does quite a few things right. For starters, it uses your phones accelerometer readings during the night, to learn how you sleep and records data that you can view later on. One of the best features is its ability to gently wake you up within a window of time rather than waking you up abruptly by blaring an alarm. You see, we sleep in phases of high activity and low activity. We get our best sleep in the periods that we have low activity. Since the app monitors your sleep activity, it knows when your body’s activity during sleep is high and it starts to gently wake you up within that window. So, if you give it a time frame to wake you up between 6 to 6:30 a.m., what it’s going to do is pick the best time in that window to wake you up. You being gently awoken during a high activity period is bound to leave you feeling relaxed instead of shocking you awake.

Another feature is its ability to maintain detailed sleep logs every night of how long you have slept and how good the quality of your sleep was. It can also track your sleep over time and if you give it a log of your activities before sleeping, like having coffee, can compare what affects your sleep quality and how. Add to that 15 high quality alarm tones (you can use your own too) and it translates into a great value app that you just have to try out.

You can find Sleep Cycle on iOS and on Android.

Pulling out all the stops!

This should be your go-to app if you take your sleep really, really seriously (as you should). This is the mother of all sleep assist apps.


Sleep Genius

The sleep genius app was made after years of research by experts on neuroscience, sound and, of course, sleep! They claim to have helped NASA with helping astronauts sleep during the research. Hey, if it is good enough for NASA, it has to be good enough for you, right? The app is chock full of all the functionality that you might want at your fingertips and then some.


The app has sleep programs that you can follow that trains your brain towards a regular, healthy sleeping pattern. The base version of the app comes with one sleep pattern. You can unlock 3 more plus other additional features through in app purchases. Apart from the very helpful directed sleep programs. The app does almost everything that any other sleep assist app can. It tracks your body’s sleep and movements through the night to detect the sleep stage and depending upon the stage you are in wakes you up gently by playing specific soothing sounds. It tracks sleep statistics like duration, quality, efficiency and many, many others through an easy to access dashboard. The stats are recorded per night and over time as well.

They claim that their Neuro-sensory algorithm with help prepare your brain for sleep, guide it through every sleep stage and wake you up gently with a smart alarm.

You can find Sleep Genius on iOS and on Android.

Now if only it could make you breakfast in bed as well, that would be a dream come true.

About the Author:



Eugene Gabriel is a passionate blogger. He has always been fascinated by sleep and how it relates to health and wellness. Read his post on Ways to get Better Sleep. You can follow him on twitter @eugenegabrielj.




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When she moved to Big Bear Lake, it was supposed to be a fresh start, but when Taylor Sparks is thrown into a supernatural world, her reality comes crashing down around her when she finds out she’s a KEY player in a dangerous game created 1,000 years ago that will give the witches and werewolves the upper hand against the vampires. Blood will be spilled and secrets will be revealed in this action-packed thrill ride and paranormal romance.

Will Taylor dive into a paranormal world she knows nothing about to be with the one her heart can’t live without?

Or will her life spiral out of control when she learns her blood is needed, just the serum necessary to lift an ancient curse from a group of supernatural beings and give the witches back their magic?

Werewolves will serve as her guardians and protect her until the first full moon of the new year, the night of her sacrifice…

Will she accept her destiny?

Or will she refuse to let evil swallow her up?

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Grabbing my purse, I hurried out of the car and locked the doors. Just as I started to walk up the driveway, I felt the cold steel of a muzzle against my neck. My heart hammered against my ribs.
“One sound, and you’re dead,” a harsh, male voice said.
I froze in panic as somebody slipped a black blindfold over my eyes, then gagged me. A man duct-taped my mouth, while another tied my ankles, legs, and wrists with rope. He hoisted me over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry, and horror ripped through me. Help! I’m being kidnapped! my brain yelled, but I dare not cry out for fear of what they would do to me. I did try to fight back, at least to some degree, but I was tied and gagged and could do little about being manhandled.
“Put her in the trunk!” a man yelled.
As I fought, I was thrown, neck-first, into the trunk of a car, and my mind began to race. This can’t be happening! I tried to call out for my parents. If only they could hear me. If only I could scream, maybe Max would bark, and Mom or Dad would come to the door. If only…
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“I’m tellin’ ya,” one of the guys said, “we oughtta just kill her now.”
My skin crawled at his nonchalance.
“He’s right,” the other said. “Just do it, right here, right now. We’ve outsmarted her protectors, but for how long? We need to do it swiftly and quickly, before they return.”
“You know the rules,” a low voice hissed. “If we just kill her, they’ll have the legal right to choose another, and we’ll be right back at square one again. We’ve gotta do this by the book.”
“I agree,” a woman said. “We need to stop the Millennium ceremony from happening.”
“I don’t want to kill her,” another woman said. “She’s just…an innocent victim in all this. It isn’t right.”
“If we don’t kill her, they’ll win,” another said. “They’ll gain the upper hand when she gives them what they need.”
“Our enemy will stop at nothing to destroy us,” another said tensely. “Killing her will keep them from becoming more powerful than they already are.”
“It will bring them to their knees!” another shouted.
Great, I thought. A case of mistaken identity is the last thing I need. By their talk, I assumed that killing me was some way to get back at their rivals, though I had no idea who those rivals were. The mafia? Some kind of…street gang? I had absolutely no idea, but I desperately wanted to tell them who I really was, to let them know they obviously had me confused me with somebody else. Maybe if I explain that, they’ll let me go. After all, I hadn’t seen their faces, so I wasn’t a threat. Then it dawned on me: Jesse had just revealed his identity to me. Maybe his clan wants to kill me because I know too much. I wanted to scream at them and tell them, to assure them that I’d never reveal Jesse’s identity, that I’d take his deep, dark secret to the grave with me. Jesse meant everything to me, and I would never betray his trust like that; unfortunately, my captors didn’t give me a chance to explain that to them. I wasn’t completely sure if it was vampires that had me. But they had heard me messing with my ropes and that took Immortal hearing. No human could hear that over the sound of the engine, the radio, and voices talking.

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Author Chrissy Peebles

Chrissy Peebles has always loved reading and writing fantasy from the earliest age she can remember. She lives in a busy city with her husband, two children, and one cat (Shadow) and three dogs. (Sparkles, Rosie, and Jack) Chrissy also loves to snap photos as her favorite hobby.



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