Best Ways to Find Kate Spade Promo Codes

I’m a self-confessed Kate Spade fanatic. Yes, I get giddy when I browse online and see all the new goodies! I love the dresses, the boots, the sunglasses, the poppy and leopard prints, the pjs and sleepwear. I swoon over the purses and wallets. I drool over their journals.






Lately I’ve been looking for a new purse and, shopping online, of course, I’m going to try to find the best coupons! It is possible to find good working Kate Spade promo codes, you just have to know where to start.


As many retailers do, Kate Spade offers a promo code when you sign up to receive their email newsletters. When you go to their homepage, you will see a pop-up to fill out.



Immediately, this popped up at the top of my screen, 15% OFF + FREE SHIPPING ACTIVATED (along with a code to enter).

But, what happens when I want to shop at Kate Spade again and have already used up my newsletter signup reward? That’s when I turn to coupon sites. Often you can find other shoppers willing to share their codes. You just have to find a site where the chances the codes work are pretty high.

In my pursuit of the best deal on my new favorite, this run wild leopard-print mini janine inspired by Josephine Baker’s pet cheetah Chiquita. minijaninekate

It’s has a crossbody strap, and just look at the adorable nose and whiskers. Too cute!

For some, it may seem logical to start with Google, which gives me a lot of different coupon sites.


However, as I have learned the hard way, all coupon sites are not the same. Some have coupons that don’t work, are used up or expired. So, where do I go from here? Since my favorite tool is now Dealspotr, I decided to compare it with a few other sites to see the results. Starting with RetailMeNot, I do a search for Kate Spade.

Not very exciting.

On to Slickdeals:

More interesting! But, out of date and expired! Frustrating.

Now, I’ll try Kate Spade at Dealspotr. I’ve had such good luck with them lately, that they are usually my first choice:

dealspotr1dealspotr2Already more interesting! And, right on the same page, even more ways to save at Kate Spade. Dealspotr is very user-friendly.

katespade3As you can see, Dealspotr has meters below the deal that will tell you whether it is active, expired or when it expires as well as the likelihood of the coupon code working.

Here’s a site-wide code for free shipping (always a great deal). When, I pull it up, I can see that a Dealspotr user has “validated” the deal, which means they’ve tested the code on the Kate Spade site to make sure it works. Dealspotr users do this for every deal on the site, creating a very accurate database of codes for each store.

I also love that Dealspotr tells me that Groupon has a sale of 75% off selected Kate Spade Products. I just click and I’m there. I love that I was able to find a Christmas present for my sister, a beautiful iPad case which is what she has been wanting. She also loves Kate Spade.Captureks

Dealspotr has so many single-use codes and all manner of promo codes available for Kate Spade, that you are bound to find a deal!

So, as you can see, you should never check out without using a promo code when shopping at Kate Spade or other stores! Don’t forget to bookmark Dealspotr, because with 5 million coupons and advanced code-finding tools, they are the site more pros use to find coupons.

Bonus – get 2,000 points if you sign up as a member. Members can subscribe to Kate Spade for deal updates as they arrive, and can earn points for sharing deals with others!

Extra Tip – Follow your favorite brands on Social Media. They will often alert you to sales, special discounts and coupon codes!

This is a sponsored post with Dealspotr but the opinions and love of Kate Spade are all mine.


  1. says

    SWEET!!! I have not heard of dealspotr but you bet your tote I am going to go there and check them out!! I too am getting disheartened with reatailmenot. I used to love them but lately its all just out of date junk or not even really coupon codes!
    Thanks for this!

  2. says

    Wow, thanks for sharing! It’s so annoying when you go to coupon sites and all of the coupons you want are outdated or don’t work. I’ll check this one out!

  3. Jennifer G says

    Wow thank you so much for sharing! This is super cool. There are so many sites out there that are annoyingly fake.

  4. Adaleta says

    Who wouldn’t want a great deal on a kate spade bag! So smart! I feel like I have noticed them sharing lots of codes for sales recently!

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