How I fell in Love with my Tens Unit by Techcare

I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.



I really love my shoulders, but sometimes it seems they carry the weight of the world. This week I was driving home from buying groceries when the pain started. First, a small nagging whisper, then it got increasingly louder until it was soon at an 11. Can you relate?

I have fibromyalgia which makes me particularly sensitive to pain, but, so many of us struggle with pain issues, whether from overexertion, work or everyday stress. Wouldn’t it be nice to come home and have someone give you a nice massage?

I was so happy when I was asked to review the Tens Unit 24 Modes by Techcare Massager through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. I remember looking at one some years back, but, it was a large heavy unit and it wasn’t cheap. This unit, however, is fantastic! It’s light, smaller than my phone, very portable and easy to use. The price is so reasonable as well.

Tens is an acronym for Transcutaeous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. You attach the electrode pads to the desired areas as desecribed in the instruction manual and you can relax in the comfort and privacy of your home.

The Tens unit was easy to set up. You simply plug it in and charge it through the enclosed wall unit or your computer USB port. The built in rechargeable lithium battery can be used up to 12 hours. The bright blue  3.75″ Large LCD Screen is easy to read and there are 24 pre-programmed massage modes.


I really love the different massage varieties: Kneading Swedish, Cupping, Scrapping, Reflexology and T’ai -Chi. I’m still discovering them all. You have a choice as to the intensity as well.

If you are wondering how it works: FDA approved TechCare massagers deliver low-voltage pulses to the skin to stimulate nerve fibers and effectively block the pain signal to your brain. No medication needed! How amazing is that for healthy pain management?

Friends, I am in love! Serious love! The Techcare Massager contracts and releases the muscles and helps get the knots out. My shoulders felt relaxed and I honestly felt joyful! I don’t know if  it was the feeling of someone massaging that very spot where you most ache or because the pain was released. Alongside the qualities of stimulating muscles and blocking pain, the brain is also stimulated to release endorphins. Endorphins are the ‘feel-good’ natural chemicals in the brain. For me, this effect is a revelation.

Techcare Massager gently contracts and releases the muscles and gives you the benefits of a massage. So far I have had success with carpal tunnel, neck, back and shoulder pain, headaches and the other pains of fibromyalgia. I have learned that it is also effective for arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, sciatica, TMJ pain and so much more.


There are some people who are not good candidates for TENS, however. This includes people who:

  • Use a pacemaker
  • Have a bleeding disorder
  • Experience epileptic seizures
  • Are pregnant

I have reviewed many products on my blog, but, I can honestly say, that this Tens Unit  is one of the best. I was actually surprised to see the price on Amazon. Even one massage session costs more than that!

The unit comes with: the 2017 Newest Model Controller, 4 Large Electrodes ( Pads ), 2 Electrodes Cables, User’s Manual, USB and Wall Charger, 1 Small Electrode Pad and Wire Holder, 1 Treatment Points Chart and a lifetime limited warranty.

I have to add here that I love the Acupuncture Points Chart! I am a huge fan of Acupuncture, but, I can only afford so many sessions a year. With this unit and the chart, I can treat the same points my Acupuncturist does. I was particularly fascinated to see how the different points relate to different conditions. As someone who does acupressure, they are both accurate and extremely helpful.

So now, I am no longer shouldering the weight of the world. My neck is happy. My back is happy. I love my Tens Unit and I’m sure this relationship will last a very long time!



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